Sneak Peek #5: New Expressions and Articulations in Finale Version 26

Sneak Peek #5: New Expressions and Articulations in Finale Version 26Last month we announced that Finale version 26 is coming later this year. In subsequent weeks we’ve shared previews of how articulations automatically stack, slurs avoid collisions, stems lengthen for tremolos, and horizontal centering in the new version. Today we’ll share a sneak peek at some of the improvements that have been made to the expression and articulation libraries included with Finale.

New Libraries

Both the expression and articulation libraries included with Finale have been overhauled and expanded in version 26. These libraries are now much more comprehensive, while still being succinct enough that you can find what you’re looking for.

We’ve improved the way things look, how they’re positioned, how they playback, and more. All of these changes were made to minimize the need for you to add articulations or expressions to either library – and to save you time.

See the new libraries in Finale v26:


Helping you quickly get exactly the results you wish is what Finale is all about.

Update 10/10/18: Finale v26 is here! Now you can try it for free, or upgrade for just $149.

Jon Tschiggfrie

In his role as product manager, audio/notation at MakeMusic, Jon Tschiggfrie collaborates with the Finale development team to define and prioritize the work that goes into making Finale the best notation solution possible.

Between his hours pondering the deepest mysteries of the music notation universe, Jon recently took up learning German, an effort he rationalizes by saying, “Mein Familienname verlangt es.”

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