Sneak Peek #3: Tremolos, Rolls, and Stem Lengths in Finale v26

Sneak Preview #3: Tremolos, Rolls, and Stem Lengths in Finale v26Earlier this month we announced that Finale version 26 is coming later this year. In subsequent weeks we’ve shared previews of how articulations automatically stack and slurs avoid collisions in the new version. Today we’re talking about tremolos and rolls, and how stem lengths automatically adjust to avoid collisions with beams and flags.

Tremolos, Rolls, and Stem Lengths

When placing a tremolo or roll on a note, engravers will often lengthen the note’s stem. While you could always do this manually in Finale, the stem is lengthened automatically in Finale v26, saving you time. This happens dynamically, so whether you’re adding or removing tremolos (or rolls) to beamed notes, the beam height also automatically repositions as the stem lengths change.

In situations where the beam length doesn’t need to be adjusted, it isn’t.

While Finale includes fine-tuned default settings, this is your music. If you’d prefer something else, you can still manually adjust stem lengths and beam heights and change the automatic default settings.

To see this in action, check out this video:

Of course, because this is Finale, you can always set your own default behaviors and manually override the defaults. Helping you make music faster, while retaining the flexibility to make it look your way, is what Finale v26 is all about.

Update 10/10/18: Finale v26 is here! Now you can try it for free, or upgrade for just $149.

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