Sneak Peek #4: Horizontal Centering in Finale Version 26

Horizontal Centering in Finale Version 26Last month we announced that Finale version 26 is coming later this year. In subsequent weeks we’ve shared previews of how articulations automatically stack, slurs avoid collisions, and stems lengthen for tremolos in the new version. Today we’ll show some ways that the new Finale will make smarter decisions on how to center markings on notes and more.

Dynamic Horizontal Centering

Articulations, like staccatos, should always center on a notehead, right? But what if you want the staccato on the stem side? You’d probably want it centered on the stem, instead.

Finale version 26 not only has a new feature that allows you to automatically flip articulations from note side to stem side. It also knows when to center an articulation on the stem or the note, and will do so as you make changes.

Another benefit of this dynamic centering can be seen when adding articulations to notes without stems. Now when you add a tremolo to a whole note, it is correctly positioned horizontally by default.

See Finale v26 in action:

Of course, because this is Finale, you can always set your own default behaviors and manually override the defaults. Helping you make music faster, while retaining the flexibility to make it look your way, is what Finale v26 is all about.

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Jon Tschiggfrie

In his role as product manager, audio/notation at MakeMusic, Jon Tschiggfrie collaborates with the Finale development team to define and prioritize the work that goes into making Finale the best notation solution possible.

Between his hours pondering the deepest mysteries of the music notation universe, Jon recently took up learning German, an effort he rationalizes by saying, “Mein Familienname verlangt es.”

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