Free Update for Finale Version 25


UPDATE: The latest version of Finale is version 26. Learn more here.

Just two months after its initial launch, we’re excited to share a new free-of-charge update for all owners of Finale version 25.

This timely update, Finale 25.1, is part of our continuous development and release initiative. We plan to share bug fixes and features more frequently – often as soon as they are ready – rather than saving them up for a single larger release. Moving forward, we plan to provide similar feature-rich releases in the coming months.

Among today’s highlights are:

  • Enhanced ReWire Support (Finale’s tempo can now drive the ReWire host)
  • Official support for macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • Updated Windows toolbars, palettes, and dialog boxes for use with high-resolution screens (aka Hi-DPI, including 4K monitors)
  • Additional new features, including lyric hyphen character definition, true black printing, transparency support in graphics, and more
  • Many bug fixes and refinements to v25

Want all the details? You can find them, along with Mac and Windows “Read Me” files, in our Help Center.

Installation Instructions

If you own Finale v25, here’s how to get the update:

  1. Either follow the update prompt in Finale or:
    – Mac: choose Finale > Check for Updates > Click Learn More
    – Windows: choose Help > Check for Updates > Click Get update
  2. When prompted, log in to your MakeMusic account under Existing Customers
  3. Click the Download button
  4. Close Finale if it’s still running and run the installer from your Downloads folder

Don’t own Finale v25 yet? Try it for free.

Let us know how the update is working for you via Facebook or Twitter.

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