Conquering Finale Tip: Creating Coda Systems

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A coda is a musical tag, or extension, which usually follows the main body of the piece. The musician’s cue to jump to the coda is often marked by a marking like “To coda ,” and the coda itself often displays a notation like “ Coda.” 

You can place such markings into your score very easily if you’re preparing your score for printout only (without playback).

Using Finale in the Classroom

Finale in the Classroom


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Having a strong grasp of music technology is essential to a long and prosperous career in music.

Conquering Finale Tip: Cooperating With Chords

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If you’re not familiar with the incredibly powerful Change Chords function in Finale, you really should be! The Change Chords utility allows you to manipulate a whole selection of chords all at once without having to open the Chord Definition Dialogue Box of every single chord symbol.

The Summer of Finale is Here

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