Finale v27.4 Is Here

Finale v27.4

Finale v27.4, the latest update to Finale v27, is available now! This is a free update available to all current users of Finale v27. If you are using an older version of Finale, you will need to upgrade to Finale v27 before being able to access v27.4. New and existing Finale users can purchase or upgrade to v27 now for as low as $99!

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This update brings support for macOS Sonoma, making Finale v27.4 the only version of Finale compatible with the latest operating system from Apple. Please note that while older versions of Finale may continue to work on Sonoma, we cannot guarantee satisfactory performance.

Finale v27.4 also addresses several long-standing bugs on both Mac and Windows. 

To download and install Finale v27.4:

  1. Open Finale.
  2. Select Finale (Mac) or Help (Windows) > Check For Update.
  3. Click Learn More (Mac) or Install Update (Windows) and follow the onscreen prompts.

Update (12/12/23): Finale v27.4.1 Hot Fix

After releasing Finale v27.4, we noticed several bugs that were created as a result of the update. These have been addessed with the v27.4.1 update, which is available now.

  • Fixed an issue where the relative layer position is correct even when notes without stems are present.
  • Fixed an issue that would shift a unison note in layer two incorrectly to the left.
  • Windows only: Fixed an issue that caused third-party PDF print drivers to not function.
  • Mac only: The JW Staff Polyphony plug-in now shows in the correct language.

Bug Fixes for Mac and Windows Devices:

  • Copyable staff styles are now copied to parts when copy and pasting in the score.
  • Back ending brackets and repeat text endings are now added to the score and parts properly.
  • Music spacing is now correct when layers cross or overlap.
  • Ties at the start of a system now draw correctly and do not disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where removing staves from a linked part can create duplicate staves
  • Augmentation dots are now placed correctly on notes with flipped stems.
  • Measure numbers are now aligned correctly in measures with key signatures and time signatures.
  • The All Channels option for Hyperscribe now remains selected.
  • It is now possible to flip the stems of a beamed group with a shortcut while any note of that group is selected. 
  • Fixed an issue where deleting the first staff of a document can prevent Human Playback from playing back expressions.
  • Ties on chords that have pairs of seconds no longer collide.

Mac-Only Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where grace notes can cause the screen to go blank.
  • Tool palettes now retain their location when entering and exiting full screen mode and using a second monitor.
  • The Times font no longer incorrectly populates font lists.
  • Symbols can now more easily be inserted into the lyrics window.
  • The Add Instrument button in the ScoreManager now works correctly on macOS Sonoma.
  • Tuplet handles can now be moved without issue while in Page View.
  • A print window option has been added to allow for printing in true black.
  • A keyboard shortcut has been added for an elision in lyrics and text.
  • Tooltips for palettes now work properly on macOS Sonoma when changing the palettes shape.

Windows-Only Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Edit System Margins and Edit Page Margins dialog boxes can display off screen.
  • Playback controls no longer change settings after adding measures to a document.
  • Fixed an issue where lyrics can disappear from the lyrics menu.
  • When printing to PDF, the saved name of the document is retained in the export window and part names are automatically populated with each part.

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