Sneak Peek #3: Revised and Corrected Instrument List

corrected instrument list

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Finale v27 launches with a meticulous reworking of its instrument database that will help you make music your way, even more efficiently. The changes we’ve made are designed to be practically invisible—Finale gets the details about each instrument right the first time without any manual input. You may notice that you can create documents and add instruments to existing ones more easily and more reliably than ever however.

Our improved instrument list:

  • Reduces the amount of manual configuration needed for instrument setup.
  • Minimizes the likelihood of not hearing any sound at all when playing your document.
  • Expands and improves our support for a wide variety of drums and percussion.

We’ve also ensured that the best possible sounds are selected for playback from the comprehensive Garritan Instruments for Finale, the included virtual instrument library built from recordings of actual instruments, so you can get a realistic feel for your music each time you listen to it.

“The goal is to have you entering music as quickly as possible by taking care of as much of the tedious set-up as possible for you,” said Finale QA Developer Greg Angel. “To that end we have added some instruments to the database and carefully corrected some errors in how others were configured. Users will be able to spend more time composing and less time setting things up.” 

Deliberate attention has been paid to the diverse world of percussion. Now, no matter what instrument you choose in the Setup Wizard, you will be starting with a layout that enters the correct noteheads at a logical location on the staff and plays back to an appropriate sound level. We hope to greatly reduce the number of times when you have to configure your score in the Setup Wizard or Percussion Layout Designer to achieve that magic combination of readable notation and accurate playback.

We want Finale to continue to earn its place as the trusty old tool in your toolbelt, but one that can learn some new tricks, too! When you depend on professional results and efficient workflow, Finale is ready. With these updates, you can rest assured that your composition will be reproduced accurately during playback so you can spend more time making music your way.

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