More Real-Time Finale Tips: Modify Rests

My last blog discussed how you can use quantization to speed up note entry and reduce subsequent editing. Today I offer another tip to help clean up any music entered in real-time – whether you’re playing notes directly into Finale or importing MIDI files.

Finale Blog: Now these are Chords

In my last post, I suggested a tricky use of Finale’s Chord Analysis plug-in, where we used it to create some solfège syllables. This week I thought I’d show you a more common use of the plug-in, namely to automatically add chord symbols to your score.

Band-in-a-Box Auto-Harmonizing in Finale

Finale includes dozens of plug-ins. I describe Finale’s plug-ins as “little applications that make complicated tasks easy.” One of the coolest plug-ins (and perhaps my favorite to demonstrate) is called “Band-in-a-Box Auto-Harmonizing.” This plug-in automatically harmonizes any melody, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of harmonization styles, ranging from two to six parts.