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Playback in Finale

One of the more common questions I hear from new Finale users is:

“Why does my music always play back from the beginning?”
“How can I control where playback starts from?”

The answer to these, and other related questions, can be found in Playback Settings. Get there from your Playback Controls: Windows users click on the little “speaker” icon, circled in red below:

While Mac users click the triangle, circled below, to expand their Playback Controls:

Either way, the results look something like this:

Under “Playback Region” you can specify that you’d like your playback to start from any specified Measure (the default setting is at Measure 1, bar 1), from the Leftmost measure seen on your screen, or the Current counter setting, which allows you to enter a measure number in the counter on the playback controls. Personally I most often choose “Leftmost measure” as I typically want to play back what I’m looking at.

A second playback tip is one I’ve shared in the past. If you’d like to simply click on any measure to play it back, or would like to quickly hear just one instrument of your score, check out my Scrubbing Playback post.

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