Finale 2014.5 is Here!

UPDATE: The latest version of Finale is version 26. Learn more here.

Finale 2014.5, a free-of-charge upgrade for all Finale 2014 owners, is now available.

To get 2014.5, launch Finale 2014 on your computer, then:

  • On Windows, navigate to Help > Check for Update…
  • On Mac, navigate to Finale 2014 > Check for Update…

If you don’t have 2014 installed, and know your MakeMusic password, use these links to download for Mac and Windows.

If you don’t own Finale 2014, you can purchase it in our store.

Finale 2014.5 incorporates new features, bug fixes, and significant modernization of Finale code, including many Mac-specific updates resulting in performance improvements and full compatibility with Apple’s OS X El Capitan operating system.

Features added in this release include:

  • The ability to save SmartMusic accompaniments with premium VST/AU instrument sounds, including the provided Garritan sounds
  • A means to quickly and easily reorder staves
  • Enhanced MusicXML and EPUB support
  • Options to automatically create double barlines before key changes
  • Updated SmartScore X2 Lite scanning software, with many improvements in core musical features such as beams, augmentation dots, and tuplets

All plug-ins provided with the update have also been modernized, and many have been enhanced, including FinaleScript, Global Staff Attributes, Latin Percussion, TG Tools Lite, Band-in-a-Box Auto-Harmonizing and more. Finale’s documentation has been overhauled, offering vastly improved search results and compatibility with any device, including smartphones and tablets. (This could allow you, for example, to have Finale’s documentation displayed on your iPad while you work on your laptop or desktop computer.)

The release also resolves more than 120 bugs, prioritized by customer requests. Complete lists of what’s included in Finale 2014.5 are available for both Mac and Windows users.

“The breadth of this free update makes it feel more like a paid upgrade,” said Mark Adler, MakeMusic notation product manager/senior editor. “It even works more like an upgrade, as it installs as a new application rather than changing your existing Finale 2014 installation. We’re fortunate to be in a position where we can delight our customers with such a robust update at no charge.”

As Mark indicated, Finale 2014.5 is a new, separate installation from Finale 2014, and can be distinguished by a new, flatter desktop icon seen at right above. You can keep both versions on your computer or uninstall 2014 if you wish to save space.

While anticipation for the release of 2014.5 is likely highest among Mac users eager to update to the latest El Capitan operating system, this compatibility represents just a small part of all the advances included in the release, which has benefits for all 2014 users, Mac and Windows alike.

Please let us know how Finale 2014.5 is working for you by clicking on “Comments” below.

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