Conquering Finale Tip: Cooperating With Chords

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If you’re not familiar with the incredibly powerful Change Chords function in Finale, you really should be! The Change Chords utility allows you to manipulate a whole selection of chords all at once without having to open the Chord Definition Dialogue Box of every single chord symbol.

To access the Change Chords utility:

  • Select the portion of music with chords that you want to modify
  • Select Utilities from the menu bar
  • Select Change > Chords

From the ensuing menu, you can change any one of the options for your selection or chords. All at once, you can:

  • Reset or change the position of all the chords in a selection
  • Scale the chord or fretboard size
  • Convert the alternate bass note style
  • Hide, mute, or even transpose the chord, without transposing the music

If you write a lot of chord symbols, understanding this utility is a must! To learn about all of this, check out this video: 

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