Best Use of Music Notation in a YouTube Video

I’ve recently discovered a few YouTube videos that make great use of music notation. I’d like to propose that the Finale blog should present its own award for the “Best Use of Music Notation in a YouTube Video,” or, at the very least, we should share some links to the best notation-related videos.

To start things off I’ll submit three nominations:

  1. Trombonist Michael B. Nelson was previously featured in the Finale blog here. Michael has posted a handful of very well-done transcriptions of performances by members of his incredible group the Horn Heads. While it’s hard to pick a favorite, here’s Michael’s trombone solo on “Fat Lip.”
  2. Although Michael’s jazz solo transcriptions are great, I think they’re eclipsed by Michael’s transcription of his bandmate Kathy Jensen’s signature laugh.
  3. While that’s tough to beat, this next one caught me off-guard, and also deserves a nomination for “Best Use of Typography in a YouTube Video,” (another highly-contested category, I’m sure). It’s a rock video for the Jonathan Coulton song entitled “Shop Vac.” If you’re impatient for notation, you might fast forward to 2:00, but you’d be missing a great pop song.

Know of additional videos we should consider? Share them with us (as well as vote for your favorite) by clicking on “Comments” below.

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