PrintMusic, Always in the Shadow of Finale

I have two boys, aged seven and four. The seven-year-old is a good athlete and student, and I can see how his successes will continue to put pressure on his little brother. I imagine PrintMusic feeling much the same.

Even though it lives in the shadow of Finale, PrintMusic is an incredible value, offering a lion’s share of Finale’s most essential features for a fraction of the price. It’s not just an entry-level program: Many music professionals rely on PrintMusic.

New York-based guitarist and composer Steve Booke is a great example. Steve uses PrintMusic to create guitar notation for his lesson column in the online version of Guitar World Magazine. Check out this month’s article.

I recently chatted with Steve about his use of PrintMusic:

Scott Yoho: How is PrintMusic working for you?

Steve Booke: PrintMusic is great! It suits my needs for notating lessons I do as well as providing charts to fellow musicians I work with. It does everything I would ever need.

SY: Did you find it easy to use?

SB: Yes I do. Everything new has a learning curve of course. Once you wrap your head around how everything is laid out and what it does, it’s quite intuitive (by stefan at dhead). Also, the tutorials are great.

Are you using PrintMusic? We’d love to hear from you too – let us know what you’re creating with it by clicking on “Comments” below.

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