Important Finale Showcase Announcement



Visitors to the Finale Showcase now see the above announcement, and I wanted to make sure to share the news with infrequent visitors as well. Here’s the posted text:

Important Finale Showcase Announcement

In January 2013 MakeMusic will unveil all new websites and branding.

In the course of our preparations, we’ve recognized that our customers require an improved technology platform to share and store music. As many cloud-based storage solutions are available today, we believe our best route is to partner with an existing provider that can fully support music notation. As we explore these improved solutions, we will shut down the current Finale Showcase.

If you need to archive files currently stored on the Showcase, please do so now: Finale Showcase, and the ability to “Post at Finale Showcase,” will no longer function starting late January 2013.

We apologize if this decision causes any disruption for you and we truly appreciate your support of Finale and MakeMusic.

In the unlikely event that you’ve posted files on the Showcase that are not archived anywhere else, be sure to back them up now!

Questions or comments? Please share them with us by clicking on “Comments” below.

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