Finale’s Repitch Tool?

Finale offers many note entry options. Assuming you want to enter your notes quickly AND accurately, which method should you use?

The best answer will vary depending on the situation:

  • Scanning works great, provided you have sheet music to scan.
  • Playing your note in real-time (using HyperScribe) is as fast and accurate as your keyboard skills allow.

But what do you do when the music doesn’t exist yet, and your keyboard chops are less than adequate?

The Repitch Tool, located in the Simple Entry Palette, lets you enter notes from a MIDI device while retaining previously entered rhythmic values. This means you could play the rhythm separately from the pitches. I’ve circled the Repitch Tool in red below:

If you have a MIDI keyboard (or any MIDI device), try this:

  1. Select the HyperScribe Tool, wait for the two bar count off, then play your desired rhythm without any regard to pitch. (You might play the rhythm of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on any note).
  2. Select the Repitch Tool, click on the first note, and play the pitches without regard for any rhythmic values – and watch the notation change to the correct pitch.

Cool, huh?

I love this one – like last week’s post its a little treasure hidden right under your fingertips!

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