Just Released: Finale v25.4 – a Free Maintenance Release

 Just Released: Finale v25.4 – a Free Maintenance Release 1This morning we released Finale v25.4, the fourth free-of-charge update for all owners of Finale version 25. This is part of our previously mentioned plan to frequently release modest-sized updates. The idea is to share improvements as they are made rather than saving them up in large batches.

MusicXML 3.1 is included in Finale v25.4

MusicXML is the technology used to exchange music with others – regardless of what software they use. Finale 25.4 includes a new version, MusicXML 3.1. In addition to being compatible with the new SmartMusic, 3.1 also offers improved conversion of the following items:

  • Arrowhead symbols
  • Circled noteheads
  • Dynamics such as n, pf, and sfzp symbols
  • Hidden ledger lines
  • Enclosures with more than 4 sides
  • Expressions or text blocks that contain a mix of Maestro text and symbols
  • Parenthesized accidental marks
  • Unexpected Maestro symbols used for articulations
  • Distinction between Finale’s two default percussion clefs (rectangle and vertical lines)

The benefits of MusicXML 3.1 are also available to users of Finale 2009-2014.5 via the Dolet 7 Plugin. For further information on the MusicXML 3.1 features in Finale 25.4 and the Dolet 7 plug-in see these release notes.

Additional Features in Finale v25.4

Just Released: Finale v25.4 – a Free Maintenance Release

Two features added in 25.4 can be seen above. You can now add rounded corners to any enclosure, as well as determine just how rounded they are.

We’ve also provided more control on how key signature cancellations appear. Previous versions of Finale would always show courtesy cancellations when moving from a flat key to a sharp key (or vice versa). Now you can eliminate all such courtesy cancellations with a single checkbox.

Also included is Windows-only feature that notifies you when you don’t have an audio device configured and a Mac-only addition providing access to presets for AU instruments (in addition to the access to presets for AU effect that was available previously).

Finale v25.4 Bug Fixes

Finale 25.4 also includes many bug fixes. We’ve highlighted a few below.

Windows only:

  • Launching Finale by double-clicking on a Finale file on an external drive no longer produces an authorization error message.
  • Finale now launches successfully on systems which also have ProTools 12 installed.  

Mac only:

  • Fixed crashes that could occur when specific Simple and Speedy Entry keyboard shortcuts were invoked.
  • Repaired truncated text in impacted dialog boxes.
  • N-up printing scaling has been restored.
  • Setting the audio buffer size to 32 no longer produces a crash.

Want to see all the features and fixes that have been added in Finale v25.4 (and earlier versions)? The Finale User Manual lists them in the “New Features” sections for Mac and Windows.

Installation Instructions

Ready to install? If you own Finale v25 or v25.1, 25.2, or 25.3, here’s how to get the free update:

  • Either follow the update prompt in Finale or:
    • Mac: Choose Finale > Check for Update. For Finale 25, click Learn More. About Finale appears. Follow the onscreen instructions and skip to Step 2. For Finale 25.1, 25.2 or 25.3, click Install Update. The download begins immediately.
    • Windows: Choose Help > Check for Update. For Finale 25, click Get update. About Finale appears. Follow the onscreen instructions and skip to Step 2. For Finale 25.1, 25.2 or 25.3, click Install update. The download begins immediately.
  • When prompted, log in to your MakeMusic account under “Existing Customers”
  • Click the Download button
  • Close Finale (if it’s still running) and run the installer from your Downloads folder

Don’t own Finale v25 yet? Try it for free.

Please let us know how 25.4  is working for you via Facebook or Twitter.

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