Finale User Spotlight: Todd Bashore, Part 2

MakeMusic’s Justin Phillips and Michael Johnson give Todd the third degree.  Photo by Scott Yoho

Last time we met saxophonist Todd Bashore and learned about his work as a performer and a Finale user. In part two of our interview, Todd shares some Finale tips.

Scott Yoho: Got any favorite Finale tips you’d like to share?

Todd Bashore: Here’s an easy one – Learn how to create your own default file! I can’t tell how many times I’ve showed someone how to set something up, or change a setting, etc., and they never bother to incorporate it into their default. My default has gradually evolved over 15 years and any time I find a hipper setting for something I incorporate it into my default.

Go to Program Options/New/Default Document and specify your default there. Whenever you find yourself doing something over and over again each time you begin a new file, save that setting, chord, expression, font, etc. in your default template (.ftm) file.

I’ve also got a more complex tip to share too. My general rule when engraving a score is that collisions are completely unacceptable whether they are between elements on a staff or between staves. So what is a user to do when there’s a 2-bar repeat in the left hand of a piano part or somewhere in a score group and the barline is intersecting the “2” of the repeat? Well, I created an opaque “2” with the following settings: 

So now when I have a 2-bar repeat I can apply this expression and it will look like measures 3-4 of the following example, not measures 1-2:

No collisions!

SY: What other projects are you currently working on?

TB: With Finale I recently finished engraving 12 arrangements for full orchestra by Rob Mounsey for Tony Award-winner and “Glee” star Idina Menzel.

I also recorded my first CD as a leader this past August and hopefully it will be released later this fall. My quartet includes Orrin Evans on piano, Yasushi Nakamura on bass, and Chris Brown on drums, and on the recording I used special guests Keyon Harrold on trumpet and George Delgado on congas. Orrin recorded four of my big band arrangements last spring with the Captain Black Big Band and I also recently recorded with Pedro Giraudo and the great Christian McBride, so hopefully those recordings will be out soon as well.

I’m also still performing every Sunday night at Birdland with Arturo O’Farrill. November will mark our 15th year of Sundays at Birdland!

I’d like to thank Todd again for sharing his time and some Finale tips. Were they helpful in your work? Let us know by clicking on “Comments” below!

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