Finale Quick Tips: Transposing Chord Symbols


Since chord symbols are tied to a staff’s key signature, Finale automatically transposes chord symbols correctly for all transposing instruments in your score. Should you wish to transpose some or all of the notes in any staff, Finale doesn’t transpose the chords with them, assuming you’re editing notes rather than harmony. If you’d like to transpose the chords, however, Finale can do that too.

To transpose chords without changing any notes:

  1. Choose the Selection tool
  2. Select the measure(s) in which you wish to transpose chord symbols
  3. Navigate to Utilities Menu > Change > Chords
  4. Click on the Transpose button
  5. Enter the desired transposition values, then click OK and OK

Done! You may also find Change Chord Assignments handy for adjusting other chord symbol options on a regional basis.

Share your cool tricks involving chord symbols, or let us know where we can help by clicking on “Comments” below!

PS: Here’s a bonus tip. In step 5 above you had to click OK, and then OK again. You can avoid clicking OK in two or more dialog boxes by clicking ctrl-OK (Windows) or command-OK (Mac) instead.

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