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Finale Quick Tips: Creating Tempo Changes

Finale Quick Tips: Creating Tempo Changes

Finale’s Setup Wizard makes it easy to add an initial tempo marking to any new score. But what if you decide to add a tempo marking long after you’ve finished the Setup Wizard? What if you want to add tempo changes mid-piece?

This is a question our technical support staff hears fairly often, so we thought we’d take a second to show how quick and easy it is!


1. Select the Expression Tool and double-click where you would like the marking to appear.
2. In the Expression Selection dialog box, specify the Tempo Marks category.
3. Now you can choose one of the pre-made expressions, or create your own.  To create your own, click Create Tempo Mark.
4. Click Insert Note to select a note value (a quarter note, dotted quarter, whatever), and then type in your desired tempo, for example “=122.”

In practice, that fourth step looks like this:


(Note that you can change fonts here too if you wish.)

5. Click OK then Assign.

That’s it! The marking not only looks great, it sets the correct playback tempo.