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Finale, Magic, and Holding Your Breath

Last week we hinted that a Finale release might be right around the corner. This week I thought I’d share a great TED Talk in which magician David Blaine talks about holding your breath.

Okay, I’m guilty of trying to be cute. And the video is twenty minutes long, so I don’t recommend viewing at work (my boss’s boss just walked by and I’m feeling very guilty). But it’s a fascinating talk and an awesome example of the kind of dedication we’d like to inspire in our students (and ourselves). Also, if you’re not familiar with TED Talks, this is a great excuse to share them with you.

David held his breath for over seventeen minutes. As you watch the video, time how long you can hold your breath by watching the video counter. Let me know how you do, or share your thoughts, by clicking on “Comments” below.