Finale Blog: Superfast Solfège

I was recently in Pottstown, Pennsylvania training both elementary and secondary music teachers. One of the questions I was asked was, “What’s the quickest way to create solfège?” Based on the response my solution received, I thought you might enjoy it too!

Let’s say you’ve entered some notes, and now you’d like to add solfège syllables. You could use the lyrics tool and simply type in Do – Re – Mi for each syllable, but there’s a better way:

1. Choose the Selection tool and indicate the area where you want the solfège syllables to appear.

2. From the Plug-ins menu select Scoring and Arranging > Chord Analysis, configuring the dialog box as I’ve done below. Specifically:

a. Under “Add chord symbol to:” select “All notes.”
b. After “Show unknown chord suffix as:” delete the question marks “??” from the box.
c. Place a check next to “Allow repeated chord symbols.”
d. Click “OK.”

At this point my piece looks something like this:

3. Next, select the Chord Tool and:

a. Drag the left-most positioning triangle down until the chord names appear below the staff.
b. From the Chord Tool select Chord Style > Solfeggio.

Voilà! Here’s my final result:

I hope that makes your day.

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