Finale Blog: Free Dolet Software Now Available!



Earlier this month we announced that MakeMusic would be purchasing MusicXML and Dolet software from Recordare. Today the agreement was completed. What’s more, Dolet software is now available – for free – at!

This is great news for anyone who has Sibelius files they’d like to open in Finale.


The Dolet software allows users of nearly any version of Sibelius to save MusicXML files. These files can then be read by Finale. While Sibelius 7 heralded the ability to read and write music XML files, users of previous versions had to purchase the Dolet software for $199. Now it’s all free, and the free software even includes improvements upon the MusicXML support included in Sibelius 7.

I believe that providing the Dolet software for free today represents a significant breakthrough. I thought of suggesting it was like toppling the Berlin Wall of music notation, but I decided that was probably a bit much.

Coming soon, and also free, is Dolet 6 for Finale. This also expands upon the MusicXML support included in Finale 2012, with more formatting control, full batch translation, better file exchange with Sibelius, and more.

Let us know how the free software is working, or ask any question, by clicking on “Comments” below.

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