Finale Blog: Cross-Staff Shortcut

One of my favorite shortcuts allows me to perform basic cross-staff beaming functions from within in any tool that allows staff selection (Selection tool, Staff tool, Measure tool, Time Signature tool, Clef tool, etc.), without having to switch to the Note-Mover tool or a plug-in.

If you’re writing for piano, harp or any other instrument that requires a Grand Staff, this can be a great time saver!

  1. Select the area of music you wish to move across the staff (even a partial measure):Cross Staff Before b
  2. Hold “Alt” and “Shift” (Windows) or “Option” and “Shift” (Mac) (*no shift in Finale 2014).
  3. Type the up or down arrow key (depending on which way you want to shift the notes)Cross Staff After b

Finale not only moves the notes to your desired staff, but it hides the rest and makes beam adjustments. While for more intricate cross staff beaming tasks, such as splitting notes on the same beat (by stefan source), you’ll need to use the Note Mover tool, this trick has saved me a ton of time!

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