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Finale 2014 is here!

Finale 2014 is here!

Finale 2014 is here!

Learn more at the new Finale 2014 website, where you’ll find all kinds of details, including:

You can upgrade today, from any previous version of Finale, for just $139.95.

Share your feedback on the upgrade, the free trial, the new website, or anything you wish by clicking on “Comments” below.


  1. by Aquilino

    Hello Followers FINALE, what I meant. is already able to customize pallets with large or medium sizes, nor the jazzy blue, brown jazz, classicc, contemporary, cool gray etc., as in previous versions, so I was very sad about not making these tools in “palettes and Background “

  2. by Jeff DeMello

    I purchased the cross grade (from Sibelius) 22 days ago. Since I purchased Finale so recently, can I get 2014 for free, or do I have to fork over ANOTHER $139?

    • by Scott Yoho

      Hi Jeff,

      Typically if you buy an upgrade (including the competitive upgrade) within 30 days of us releasing a new version of Finale, you’re eligible for a free upgrade. Please contact my pals in customer support and they’ll help you out.

      Best wishes,
      Scott at MakeMusic

  3. by John Bugosh

    I, too miss the ability to change the look of palettes. I prefer a bolder colorful palette. I takes two looks to choose the current palette tool, whereas it was quicker to choose from the bolder version with only one glance.

    • by Scott Yoho

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the feedback. As mentioned above, please consider submitting your feedback with our support team where it can guide our development:

      Scott at MakeMusic

  4. by Aquilino

    Oh, and no way to change the background palattes Style Jazz Blue or Others colors like before? WHY?????????????????????????????????????????

    • by Scott Yoho

      Hi Aquilino,

      While you can still freely change backgrounds and manuscript textures, the palette style is now fixed. If you feel strongly about this, I would suggest sending specific feedback to our support team:

      If these changes negatively impact a vision impairment, or in any way impede your workflow, please be certain to include that information. All comments are collected in a report that is constantly reviewed in the context of development priority and direction.

      Scott at MakeMusic

  5. by Aquilino

    Oh, and no way to change the background palattes Style Jazz Blue or Others colors like before? WHY?

  6. by Randy Bowser

    URGENT!– Something is extremely wrong on the MM page that purports to be demonstrating new Garritan instruments. Either the sounds used in the demos are not Garritan, or the sound is so garbled that it’s impossible to tell.

    At Gary’s Forum, a member put together a quick demo which definitely proves that something went totally haywire with MM’s Garritan demos, and I personally think he’s proven that no Garritan instruments were used on that MM page.

    Post #30 on this thread has a side-by-side comparison:

    • by Scott Yoho

      Hi Randy,

      Thanks for your concern about the sample files found here:

      These short examples were created entirely in Finale using ONLY the Garritan sounds new to Finale 2014 (with the exception of the drum sounds in the Chopin excerpt, which were also included in previous versions of Finale). The examples have not been extensively tweaked to represent the very best that can be accomplished with Garritan sounds in general. Instead, they honestly demonstrate exactly what a Finale user will experience upon using first using these new sounds in Finale 2014.

      I’m glad to make this clearer both on the Finale website as well as on SoundCloud, and look forward to adding more fully developed examples of what can be accomplished with ALL the Garritan sounds included in Finale 2014.

      Scott at MakeMusic

  7. by Peter Saltzman

    I downloaded the demo and it crashed for me too. Worked fine once I rebooted, however, while it recognizes and plays back my AU sounds, nothing comes through the speakers. Furthermore, it’s hard to justify paying $140 for another upgrade with very limited new features. One would think that after two years of development there would be a significant rewrite, including things like Cloud support, and cleaning up some of the geeky features that have been plaguing Finale for years (don’t get me started on recording in real time with Hyperscribe.) I teach this program to college students at Columbia College, but it’s hard to get excited about this upgrade, particularly when important features aren’t working..

    • by Scott Yoho

      Hi Peter,

      Have contacted our support staff? They’re on hand to help resolve these sorts of issues:

      Scott at MakeMusic

      • by Peter Saltzman

        Thanks, Scott. I contacted them. Hopefully they can resolve this, and I can upgrade. I will say that the new look is very attractive.

    • by Dave

      Just started using 14 and I hate it. Trying to extract parts is like extracting teeth. . . finally had to do one at a time. The old format in 2010 was way better.Oh and Make Music doesn’t listen to suggestions like making the palettes with the ability to be stretched bigger for us with old eyes. The tech told me that if you work from a Mac you can’t do it . . then why? . . . also where can you change the palettes in simple entry to color? they blend in too much with the page you’re working on.

      Very disappointed from someone who’s been using Finale since 1988. . . Good grief

      • by Scott Yoho

        Hi Dave,

        Sorry to hear of your difficulties. If you haven’t explored Linked Parts I certainly hope you do — I personally never use Extract Parts any more. That said, I know there are some circumstances where linked parts are still very helpful, and we’re aware of a problem with having to individually name extracted parts in 2014 which we hope to resolve soon.

        Regarding palette color and size, please take the time to submit what changes you’d like to see with our support staff so your voice is heard as our development is prioritized:

        Best wishes,
        Scott at MakeMusic

  8. by Björn Ehnberg

    F2014 still a 32 bit application. I am really disappointed! The main reason for a native 64 bit support is not the processing speed, but the ability to use more than 4 GB. For me, being a choral arranger it´s really a frustrating situation to crash into the 4 GB wall when I am using large VST libraries from (mostly) Soundsonline´s EWQL series. That´s exactly what I said in my blog post from the May 25, 2012

    (remember? ).

    If 64 bit support is not more than an eventual goal I will seriously consider switching over to another software.

    • by Scott Yoho

      Hi Björn,

      While Finale 2014 includes extensive infrastructure work that had to be completed before Finale could become a 64-bit app, more work needs to be done, and we’re continuing to do that work.

      Scott at MakeMusic

  9. by Martin Klein

    The long awaited upgrade has arrived, solving all existing bugs and some….
    Pity it no longer supports OS 10.6.8, now I’ll never know…

    • by Scott Yoho

      Hi Martin,

      Unfortunately in our efforts to embrace the latest and greatest from Apple, support for older operating systems isn’t always possible. I believe that 10.9 is a free upgrade, right? If you have compelling reasons to stay on 10.6.8 you might want to discuss them with our support staff to see if they can offer some alternative solutions.

      Scott at MakeMusic

  10. by Derrek

    I and others have noticed that notes are not sticking in Finale 2014 (Win) as they still did on occasion in F2012. I am happy about that.

  11. by Justin Phillips

    Hi Tomas,

    This was an issue we’ve never been able to recreate, however we did make some major changes to our audio engine in which we may have been able to resolve this for many users.

    Have you tried the demo version yet?

    -Justin at MakeMusic

  12. by Justin Phillips

    Hi Stephen,

    Have you been in touch with support at all?

    -Justin at MakeMusic

  13. by Tomas Dunker

    Dare I upgrade to Finale 2014?
    I have not been able to use either Finale 2011 or 2012 due to the MIDI ‘stuck’ notes on my Windows 7 computer.
    Is the problem resolved in release 2014?

    • by Gerhard

      There was something having to do with shutting down some of your cores on a per application basis (i.e. Finale) to prevent stuck notes with Windows. You might search for this solution. Worked for me when I was still on a PC.

  14. by Stephen DeCesare

    Oh, and no way to change the background palatte colors like before? And still when you try and say “save my preferences” it doesn’t. Such as one beat of click off before starting (still goes to the preset of 2) and other minor irritances.

  15. by Stephen DeCesare

    For some reason, everytime I open a new document, it goes to studio version. I went and changed the settings (making it supposed to go the scroll version that I want), hit apply and it still is doing it. Also, there seems to be when I hit a tool everytime (such as lyrics), it comes up three or four times (word wise) on the menu bar.

  16. by Derrek

    I’m glad to see one can now set more than 9 items in the “recently viewed files” list. I haven’t tried to see how long the list can get, but it really helps when one is working on a series of songs (say, for a musical) and wants to move back and forth between numbers. Thanks!

  17. by Hailey

    Congrats!! New site looks beautiful.

    • by Scott Yoho

      Hi Hailey,

      Thank you!

      Scott at MakeMusic

  18. by Istvan

    OK, so I just was FORCED into upgrading to 2014, and all the app does is instantly crash on startup. $141 dollars for a nonstarting app. I’ve been using it for MANY MANY years…so unless this is fixed PRONTO, this is the end of the line for me.

    • by Fernando Manuel Rodrigues

      If you are on a Mac, your problem is probably related to audio plug-ins. Keep reopening the programam until all the plug-ins get checked (it crashes every time it founds an incompatible plug-in). When it finishes, the incompatible plug-ins are no longer used, and the program will launch normally every time after that.

  19. by Sekolah Musik Moritza

    Yes, We’ll try this new version of Finale, download free trial now!

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