Everyone needs to share music. It’s how we communicate with each other toward a common goal: the performance. When you come together for rehearsal, you’re setting out to create a shared understanding of the artistic vision.


While Finale has long been the leader in creating readable music notation, getting your music into the hands of the people who need it has not always been easy. Finale v27 makes sharing your sheet music a breeze.

With sharing in Finale, you can:

  • Upload and share music with others without leaving Finale
  • Store and manage uploads in a centralized location
  • Enable your recipients to play your shared music along with accompaniment and practice tools in SmartMusic

With these free new sharing features, your performers have access to the comprehensive Practice app, giving them everything they need to master the repertoire. Instead of tedious solo practice, your musicians hear the piece come alive with accompaniment using Garritan’s real sampled instruments and reverb, and they also receive immediate feedback on their pitch and rhythmic accuracy.