Transposed Instrument Entry in the Next Version of Finale

Have you entered music for a transposed instrument into a Finale score? If so, you may have encountered a scenario where as you enter notes, the pitches you hear in Finale are not transposed. Once you hit Play, all is well, but this entry process can be disconcerting.

In the next version of Finale, when you enter notes in a transposing staff, you’ll always hear the correct pitch upon input, too. Click on the video above for a sneak preview.

If you’re an engraver who never presses “Play,” or a composer who prefers to enter notes with “Display in Concert Pitch” selected, this might not be a game-changer. But, if you’re like me, and when you see a D in a trumpet staff you hear a concert C in your head, this is going to put a smile on your face.

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Mark AdlerMark Adler is MakeMusic’s notation product manager/senior editor, a professional trumpet player, teacher, and a freelance music editor and engraver.

Among his many hobbies, Mark enjoys perusing vintage sheet music at antique stores. When he sees a D in a tenor sax staff, he always hears a concert C play back in his mind, too.

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