New Finale Videos

TJ VIDEO Cropped

We’ve recently added to the Video Library in the Finale Support Learning Center.

At the top of the page you’ll still find Tom Johnson’s top Eight Great Finale Tips, but if you scroll down you’ll also discover five additional short videos from Tom. Created primarily for those who don’t yet own Finale, these videos show how quickly common tasks can be completed using Finale, and offer some help to current Sibelius users.

Topics include:

  • Finale vs. Sibelius (Reasons why Sibelius users might like to own Finale, too.)
  • Creating SmartMusic files with Finale
  • Creating music with Finale
  • Scanning with Finale
  • Easing the Transition from Sibelius to Finale

If you don’t own Finale, please check them out. If you do own Finale, please share them with your friends who are thinking about it.

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