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Ongoing Finale Development
Today we are pleased to release Finale 2014d, a free update to owners of Finale 2014. It offers more palette options, a means to disable Smart Shape snapping, and many Mac-specific improvements including updated support for Quick Look, Spotlight, and Yosemite.

In addition to providing popular feature requests, 2014d also gives users an option to share anonymous Finale usage data with MakeMusic. This data will be used to better inform the design of future versions of Finale; no personally-identifiable or document-specific information will ever be collected, and you can change your mind about sharing at any time by choosing Help > Help Improve Finale.

Finale 2014 users can update by following the automated prompts upon launching Finale, or manually from within Finale itself. To do so:

  • On Windows, navigate to Help > Check for Update…
  • On Mac, navigate to Finale 2014 > Check for Update…

Full listings of the benefits included in 2014d are found in Read Me files for Mac and Windows.

Technical Support
Effective January 1, 2015, MakeMusic will discontinue support for Finale 2011. This change will allow us to provide a higher level of service to our users by focusing our expertise on the current versions of our products. We encourage Finale 2011 users to continue to find support through our on-line Knowledge Base, Learning Center and through the community offered in our MakeMusic Forums.

Finale and Yosemite
While MakeMusic continues to support Finale 2012, Finale 2012 is not compatible with Yosemite, the latest Apple operating system. If you plan to use Finale 2012 (or earlier versions), we recommend not upgrading to Yosemite. If you do plan to use Yosemite, we recommend upgrading to Finale 2014.

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