Contest Judges, Another Contest, and a Free T-Shirt!

Provided theme from the “Take Your Music Further with Garritan” composition contest.

As we posted last week, we plan to announce the winners of our “Take Your Music Further with Garritan” music composition contest next Tuesday, April 3, 2012. The winners will be selected by our panel of judges.

Who are these judges? In order to prevent cases of caviar and champagne mysteriously appearing in their mail slots, we’re keeping their identities confidential. But we’re glad to share a little about their credentials.

Our judging panel consists of four active composer/performers who all work in MakeMusic’s repertoire development department. Their department’s primary responsibility is the creation of notational content for SmartMusic. Regarding their accreditation:

  • Judge #1: Bachelor’s degree in performance from the Manhattan School of Music
  • Judge #2: Bachelor’s degree in commercial arranging from the Berklee School of Music
  • Judge #3: Master’s degree in composition from Ithaca College
  • Judge #4: Master’s and PhD in music composition from the University of Minnesota

While we all wait to hear their decision next Tuesday, I have a quickie contest to share with everyone.

The contest question is: “What significance does the provided theme (seen above) have in the context of the “Take Your Music Further” contest?” Or: “What about this theme makes it ideally suited for this contest?”

Whoever provides the correct answer first, by clicking on “Comments” below, will win a Finale T-shirt.

Please note: while blog comments are time-stamped the instant you send them, they don’t appear until they are approved by a human. This keeps a ridiculous amount of spam off of the blog, but does result in a delay, so don’t worry if you don’t immediately see your reply!

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