What does Garritan Personal Orchestra have that Finale doesn’t?

Today’s blog post is admittedly a lot like an ad, but it does answer a commonly-asked question.

Q: I own Finale 2012, which contains some great Garritan sounds. Why would I buy Garritan Personal Orchestra or one of the other additional Garritan Libraries?

A: While Finale 2012 includes sounds from many Garritan libraries including Jazz & Big Band, Concert and Marching Band and World, it borrows most heavily from Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 (GPO4). That said, Finale includes only a subset of GPO4’s “greatest hits.”

To get a sense of what GPO4 offers Finale users, take a look at the difference in the flute section alone:

Finale includes: Flute Player 1, Flute Player 2, Flute Player 3, Flute Solo, Flute Section, and Piccolo Solo.

GPO4 includes: Alto Flute Solo, Alto Flute Player 1, Alto Flute Player 2, Alto Flute Player 3, Bass Flute Solo w/vibrato, Bass Flute solo no vibrato, Bass Flute Player 1, Bass Flute Player 2, Bass Flute Player 3, Flute Solo w/vibrato, Flute solo no vibrato, Flute Solo Keyswitch (allows user to switch between vibrato, non-vibrato and flutter), Flute Solo Flutter, Flute Player 1, Flute Player 2, Flute Player 3, Piccolo Solo w/vibrato, Piccolo Solo no vibrato, Piccolo Solo Keyswitch, and Piccolo Flutter.

In short, if all you need is a couple examples of the most commonly used instruments, Finale has you covered. If you want a wider selection of instruments and performance techniques, GPO 4 (and the other full Garritan Products) are for you. Interested? Finale owners can download GPO4 for $129 today.

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