Today’s Finale Tip? Tip of the Day!

The “Tip of the Day” is one of the first things you see when you launch Finale. It’s right there on the Launch Window. But who looks? I admit I often skim over the tip.

Here’s what I saw in my Launch Window this morning:

For some reason I glanced at the tip today, which was about adding linked parts to older files, and thought: “That’s a great tip – I should write a blog about that!” Then I remembered that I already HAD written a blog about that.

Then I realized that the “Tip of the Day” is a resource we could all make better use of – and is probably worthy of a blog post unto itself.

See the arrows to the right of “Tip of the Day?” They let you move through the tips in case you want to revisit a past tip, or skip ahead.

My usual blog post modus operandi is to offer a tip like the one above and go on to explain it more detail. But this time the tip is that simple – check out the Tip of the Day. Moving forward, I’m challenging myself to actually look at the tip every time I open Finale. Who knows, in addition to learning something I might even get an idea for a blog post!

Do you have a great idea for a Finale blog post? Please share it with me by clicking on “Comments” below.

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