Re-gifting in July: Free Finale Music for Large Ensembles


Last November we again shared a collection of free Holiday-themed Finale titles. Included in the giveaway were three large ensemble pieces: “Housetop Hoedown” for beginner band, “Jingle Bells” for jazz band, and “A Christmas Canon” for string orchestra. If you learned about these pieces too late to program them in your holiday concerts, this blog post is offered as a “second chance” to work them into your repertoire this year.

Each of these Finale 2014 files includes a score and linked parts so all the editing is done: You need only to print them out. If, however, you’d like to change the music to fit your group, you are welcome to do so. You might give your star clarinet player a solo in “Housetop Hoedown,” add a drum feature in “Jingle Bells,” or add a piano accompaniment to “A Christmas Canon.” We not only encourage you to see how creative you can get with these pieces, we’d love to learn about your performances (or better yet hear a recording or see a video).

In addition to the Holiday Giveaway music, you might also review the worksheets and repertoire section of Finale 2014. Included are ensemble pieces just waiting to be performed: “Gen Mixup USA,” “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” “Simple Gifts,” and the infamous “Hey There’s a Mouse in My Bucket Mute.”

In short, anytime you’re pondering what your ensemble will be playing, please consider looking at these resources offering free Finale music for large ensembles.

The Holiday Giveaway download can be found here:


The other tunes can be found by selecting the Worksheets and Repertoire item under the File menu, and then navigating to Repertoire, and specifically Large Ensembles.

File> Worksheets and Repertoire> Repertoire/ Large Ensembles/

Please let us know how you’re using these files, and let us know what repertoire you’d like us to add this year by clicking on “Contacts” below.

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