Introducing Garritan Classic Pipe Organs

I’m proud to announce today the launch of Garritan Classic Pipe Organs (CPO), a new virtual software instrument collection featuring six historic pipe organs from the baroque, classic, renaissance, romantic, and modern eras.

As Gary Garritan has said, “Classic Pipe Organs brings the power and grandeur of the pipe organ into any studio, place of worship, rehearsal room, or home.”

Not only is CPO more portable and less expensive than physical organs, it also lets you combine stops from various organs from different eras to create completely new instruments. In addition, CPO offers control of tremulants, blower noise, chiff noise, crescendo pedal, swell pedal, timbre, pedal bass, and more. Plus Scala file support allows users to play in the various temperaments of earlier historic eras.

Also included is version 1.5 of the ARIA Player, featuring a brand new Convolution Sample Reverb. The Convolution Sample Reverb includes many sampled spaces, from small rooms to cathedrals and concert halls, to produce breath-taking realism.

Composers can use this collection for inspiration to capture creative ideas and sketch organ arrangements quickly. Hobbyists can use it for adding organ sounds to their tracks. Beginners, organ enthusiasts, and music students can use it to learn, study, and practice organ music at home. Church musicians—and indeed everyone—can enjoy these inspirational sounds that traditionally were limited to large budgets and even bigger spaces.

Garritan Classic Pipe Organs is available for download today for a special, introductory price of $119.95. Additional info, including patch lists and sample audio files, can be found at 

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