Handbells in Finale 2011

While Finale 2011 includes a pre-made handbell template, some customization is often required to adapt the template to your specific ensemble, such as the range of your bells. If this is the case you may prefer to use a plug-in, included with Finale, to automatically create your list of bells used.

To do so, enter the notes of your handbell piece first, then select all and invoke the plug-in from here:

Plug-ins > TG Tools > Create Handbells Used Chart

This is what the plug-in looks like:

Select or adjust any options needed, then press Go. The plug-in will automatically create a handbells used chart at the top of the score, parenthesize any accidentals, resize the staff and notes, and reset the measure numbering.

Want your handbell piece to sound as great as it looks? I’d suggest using the Garritan handbell sounds included with Finale.

Have any questions about how to do that, or anything else? Please let us know by hitting the “Comments” button below.

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