Finale Quick Tips: Human Playback Settings

Is hearing Finale play your music important to you? 

Much has been said about the great instrument sounds included with Finale, but there’s another, less-touted feature that plays an equally important role in creating realistic sounds.

Finale’s exclusive Human Playback adds the nuance of live performers to your playback, even if you entered your music with a mouse. But Human Playback does more than simply add a “human feel,” it also provides musical interpretation of the elements you add to your score, from accelerando to pizzicato.

Because Human Playback is on by default, it’s easy to take for granted, but to do so is to overlook a great resource: Finale includes a wide variety of Human Playback styles to choose from. For example, if you’re writing a Big Band piece, selecting the Jazz style will instantly make your 8th notes swing!

To change the Human Playback style, navigate to MIDI/Audio Menu > Human Playback > and select a new style from the list (shown at left).

Want more control? Human Playback offers that too. You can alter existing Human Playback styles, and create your own, by clicking on “Custom…,” and “Human Playback Preferences” lets you specify how Human Playback interacts with different sound libraries, and much more. If you’d like us to cover these additional Human Playback options in detail in future blog posts, let us know by clicking on “Comments” below.

Expressive, nuanced playback can be a huge inspiration in the creative process and can produce great-sounding recordings. Be sure to explore the possibilities of Human Playback in your next Finale project.

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