Finale Blog: Original Compositions for Jazz Band at MMEA

Headed to the Minnesota Music Educators Association’s 2013 Midwinter Clinic?

This year two of our coworkers will have original jazz band pieces premiered at the conference.

Many MakeMusic employees have careers in music beyond the work they do here, and this year’s MMEA Midwinter Clinic is just one of the many places you can hear their music. Here are some details about the composers (both long-time Finale users) and their MMEA performances:

Doug Rasmussen – Customer Support
“Inventio 14” will be heard Fri, Feb 15, 2013, at 3:45 PM
Performed by Eagan High School Jazz Ensemble
Conducted by Conrad Miska

Composers note: I was commissioned by Eagan High School to write a Big Band chart that went between Baroque style classical music and Funk. The basis of the composition is Invention 14 from the Bach Two Part Inventions. The complete Invention is performed in sections broken up by a Funk Groove that I think really sneaks in. It features electric guitar and clarinet as a duet.

Beth Varela – Marketing
“Wait for Katie Hill” will be heard Fri, Feb 15, at 1:15 PM, in room 204 of the Minneapolis Convention Center
Preformed by St. Paul Central High School Jazz Band
Conducted by Matthew Oyen

Composers note: I was commissioned to compose a piece for MMEA to be performed by a high school of which I am an alumni. This tune, titled “Wait For Katie Hill,” got its name because I first sketched it’s major themes while literally waiting for a student named Katie Hill to arrive for her piano lesson. My intension is to produce a fun, playful piece that showcases the strengths of the ensemble for which I was commissioned to write for. Strengths to look out for are the group’s high energy, improvisational skills, and their love for new music.

We’re proud of all the exciting opportunities our coworkers pursue, and hope that if you’re planning to attend MMEA Feb 14th – 16th at the Minneapolis Convention Center, you’ll join us in the audience!

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