Finale Blog: Japan


Photo credit: Toshiharu Kato/Japanese Red Cross Society

Primarily through the distribution and localization of our Finale notation products, MakeMusic has collaborators around the world. Our Japanese partner, e frontier, is located in Tokyo, and their staff has been much on our minds following the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Yesterday morning we were relieved to learn that their offices and homes sustained little damage beyond computer monitors hitting the floor and items falling off of shelves.  However, there are concerns about increasing radiation and sufficient food supplies, let alone daily challenges like transportation.

The American Red Cross is always seeking blood donors, volunteers, and donations. When I made a donation with them yesterday, their website allowed me to indicate where my donation would be sent.

Please join me in supporting the recovery efforts throughout Japan, either through the Red Cross, other charitable organizations, or though your thoughts and prayers.

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