Finale Blog: Editing Score Information

When you create a new Finale file using Finale’s Setup Wizard, and add text items like titles and composer names, they appear in your score as text inserts.

What’s an insert?

Also found in word processing and other types of software, inserts are used to indicate where in your document you’d like a specific type of text to appear, without physically typing the actual text. Common examples include page numbers and dates.

In the case of page numbers and dates, this information is populated into the insert based on your computer’s calendar or the page count. In the case of titles, composer names, and other related items, this information is drawn from a central location. While you can always edit a title or composer name directly in your score by double-clicking their handles, there are some advantages to editing them from this central location.

Where is it?

Go to File Menu > File Info to arrive here:

Once you change your title of composer information here, and hit OK, your score will automatically update accordingly.

What are the benefits of editing things here?

First, all these items are in one place, so you can edit them all at once.

Second, they are easily accessible: you don’t have select a tool or double-click on a handle to access them.

Perhaps most importantly, however, because they are inserts they can be linked to multiple places in your score. For example, maybe you’d like your score’s title to appear at the bottom of every page. Without inserts, if you changed the score’s title, you’d have to change this text individually at the bottom of every page. With inserts, you change it once in the File Info dialog box and you’re done!

Once in the File Info dialog box, you might also try clicking on the “Statistics” button. This equips you with data – including the number of measures, staves, staff systems, and more – that can be very helpful if you charge others for your copying or engraving work.

Have any questions about File Info, inserts, or any other aspect of Finale? Please let us know by clicking on “Comments” below!

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