Finale Blog: Creating Mid-Score Pickup Measures


Finale makes creating a pickup measure easy: either specify the pickup measure as you complete Finale’s Setup Wizard, or go to Document > Pickup Measure.

Either way, you’ll turn the first measure of your piece into a pickup measure. If you want the pickup measure to appear elsewhere, however, try this:

  1. With the Time Signature Tool selected, double-click on the measure you wish to change.
  2. Click “Options” (Win) or “More Choices” (Mac).
  3. Set the top time signature to accommodate the actual number of beats in the measure: For a quarter note pickup, set the time signature to 1/4.
  4. Check “Use a Different Time Signature for Display,” and control what is displayed with the bottom time signature, typically indicating the time signature of the adjacent measures.
  5. Set the proper measure region, for example “Measure 21 through 21,” and press OK.

Now you should have a measure that looks like a regular 4/4 measure, but will only allow for one quarter note or rest to be entered, and will space properly.

If measure numbers are impacted, you can select the measure tool, double-click on this measure, de-select “Include in measure numbering,” and click OK.

Does this work for you? Let us know by clicking on “Comments” below!

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