Finale and the Mac: Searching for Lost Treasure

Special thanks to Danielle in Customer Support for the handy screenshot!

If you’re anything like me, and have folders upon folders of Finale files, finding the right document can occasionally become a bit of a treasure hunt.

Mac OS X has some great features built in that can really help, but not everyone knows they’re there!

Quick Look
Looking though several similar documents trying to find one in which few measures were changed? Select any Finale file and press Spacebar. The window seen above will pop up, allowing you to scroll through the entre document and find what you need – all without having to open Finale.

Know the name of a document you want to open, but aren’t certain where it is? Press Command + Spacebar then type in the name of the document. OS X’s Spotlight feature will quickly locate and open the file for you.

In addition, using Get Info in Finder can give you a lot of Finale-specific information regarding a document. Check under More Info for information on Title, Composer, Key, Time Signature, etc.

Have you discovered some additional Quick Look or Spotlight tips? Please share them with us by clicking on “Comments” below!

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