Finale and the 2013 Academy Awards

I’m one of those movie goers who always stays in their seat until the end of the credits. Through my work at MakeMusic I’ve met several people from the top music preparation companies and I always enjoy seeing their names on the big screen.

It’s through these friends that I enquire each year about which Oscar-nominated films were created with Finale. Since I don’t know everyone, there are films created with Finale that I don’t know about, but here are a few of this year’s Academy-award nominated films in which Finale played a part:

Argo (7 nominations including Best Picture and Music/Original Score)
Life of Pi (11 nominations including Best Picture, Music/Original Score, and Original Song)
Lincoln (12 nominations including Best Picture and Music/Original Score)
Marvel’s The Avengers
Skyfall (5 nominations including Music/Original Score and Original Song)
Snow White and the Huntsman (2 nominations)
Ted (nominated for Original Song)
The Pirates, Band of Misfits
Wreck it Ralph
Zero Dark Thirty
(5 nominations including Best Picture)

Do you know some of the other nominated films in which Finale was used? Please let me know by clicking on “Comments” below. I hope you all enjoy the Oscars this Sunday!

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