Finale 2011 and Garritan Jazz and Big Band 3

In a previous post I featured the Garritan GPO4 virtual instrument. While GPO4 is great for orchestral work, it may not entirely meet the needs of someone composing for jazz and rock ensembles: This is where Garritan Jazz and Big Band 3 (JABB3) really shines.

JABB3 contains a wide selection of instruments commonly used in a jazz or big band ensemble (as if the name was a bit vague). While some of these sounds are included with Finale 2011, if you write in these styles and are seeking superior playback, the full JABB3 collection was created for you.

From 16 unique saxophones to screaming trumpets and alto flutes, JABB3 has instrument samples for standard jazz instrumentation to unique instruments found in progressive jazz arranging. In addition, JABB3 provides a comprehensive rhythm section with a number of electric and acoustic guitars, upright and electric basses, and drum sets to hold down your rhythm section. A full listing of all of the instruments available in JABB3 is available here.

Like GPO4, JABB3 has support files for easy integration with Finale’s Setup Wizard, so score creation is easy and automatic. But Finale integration doesn’t end at setup. Want a muted trumpet in your score? Just add a Mute expression to the trumpet staff and Finale’s Human Playback feature handles the playback switch for you. Check out some samples of JABB3 here.

Interested? You can purchase JABB3 for $149.00 directly from the website.

Are you using JABB3 or other Garritan instruments? Please share your experiences with fellow blog readers by clicking on “Comments” below.

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