Finale 2011 and Garritan Concert & Marching Band 2

To continue my series of blog posts highlighting the Garritan sample libraries, today I will introduce the perfect library for concert band and marching band composers and arrangers.

Garritan’s Concert and Marching Band 2 (COMB2) features instrument sets commonly used in contemporary concert and marching bands. While Garritan’s Personal Orchestra 4 and Jazz and Big Band contain woodwind and brass sounds, they are mainly tailored to those specific genres. COMB2 offers expanded playback solutions to those who want high-quality sounds for contemporary concert and marching band instrumentation. Check out the full list of instruments here.

COMB2 also expands upon the Tapspace Virtual Drumline 2.5 sounds included with Finale, providing  a larger sample of marching and concert percussion sounds licensed from the acclaimed library, such as battery percussion instruments and a variety of front ensemble and concert-appropriate instruments.

Like other Garritan libraries, COMB2 integrates seamlessly into Finale’s Setup Wizard for easy document creation. COMB2 also utilizes the same Aria Player as Finale 2011, so all your sounds are available in one spot with a familiar interface.

COMB2 has been an indispensable resource for me in my own work, allowing me to produce high-quality recordings of marching band scores for my clients. Paired with the full Virtual Drumline 2.5, COMB2 is my perfect solution for creating custom-tailored marching band demos.

Interested in COMB2? MakeMusic offers it for $149.00 here.

Are you using COMB2 or other Garritan instruments? Please share your experiences with fellow blog readers by clicking on “Comments” below.

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