Creating Part Names in Finale


Let’s say you’re looking at one of the linked parts in your Finale score, and notice that a part name is missing from the top left corner of the page. What do you do? Your first thought might be to use the Text tool to re-type the part name. While this works, further investigation confirms that all parts of your large score are all missing part names, and there ought to be a better way than typing in all that text.

Using text inserts is the better way!

As I mentioned in a previous blog, text inserts can automatically place text into your score and parts. In this case text inserts can be used to automatically place all the proper part names, on all your parts, in one step. Here’s how:

While viewing the first page of any part in your score, select the Text Tool then double-click where you want the part name to display. Go to Text Menu > Inserts > Part/Score Name. Done! After placing a single insert, all your parts instantly display the correct name.

You may notice that Finale also placed the word “Score” on the first page of your score. Many people delete this marking, unaware that by doing so they also remove all the part names from their parts. (This may be why your part names were missing.) Again, there’s a better way:

To remove the word “Score” (or change it to something else), go to File Menu > File Info and edit the Score Name Insert field to something different, or leave it blank to remove the marking from your score. 

Let us know how this is working for you, ask a question, or tell us what it’s like to live somewhere where it isn’t perpetually cold and wet by clicking on “Comments” below.

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