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Read what the critics are saying

SOS v2“Finale too continues to evolve.”
John Walden, Sound On Sound, March 2017

SOS v2“The latest version of Finale was announced today by MakeMusic, and it’s evident that MakeMusic has put a good deal of thought and effort into this release.”
Robert Puff, Of Note, August, 2016

Scoring Notes logo“The most notable element of the new Finale version is the overdue but welcome transition to being a 64-bit application.”
Philip Rothman, Scoring Notes, August, 2016

SOS v2“MakeMusic’s Finale is the one constant in a rapidly changing notation software market, and the 2014 version is better than ever.”
Robin Bigwood, Sound On Sound, July 2014

Finale_ReviewCompanies_ElectricMusician“Notation takes another leap forward”
Rob Schrock, Electronic Musician, July 2014

Finale_ReviewCompanies_DownBeat_Tall“Finale 2014 [is] a major overhaul of the popular package that not only adds a host of impressive features, but also contains a complete reworking of the product’s underlying architecture, ensuring that Finale will continue to be a viable and productive tool for many years to come.”
Keith Baumann, DownBeat, June 2014

Recording-Magazine-logo-i 170 tall“Finale comes with an awesome sample library, worth the price of admission even before you take into account the many other features that prove that there’s more to Finale than excelling at putting notes on paper, something it has been doing very well for a quarter of a century!”
Lorenz Rychner, Recording Magazine, June 2014

Finale_ReviewCompanies_MixBlog“If you…are interested in streamlining your workflow, Finale 2012 is clearly worth considering.”
Gary Eskow, MixBlog

Finale_ReviewCompanies_MusicEducators“I love that [Finale] can do absolutely any notation task I need, from alto sax to zheng…Finale 2011 is the best version to date with significant improvements in functionality and usability.”
William Southerland, Music Educators Journal

Finale_ReviewCompanies_ElectricMusician“In my opinion, Finale still wins hands down when it comes to features.”
Rob Shrock, Electronic Musician

Finale_ReviewCompanies_Macworld“…remains a tool capable of satisfying an extraordinary range of musical needs, and its recent enhancements to score output are pitch-perfect”
Peter Kirn, Macworld

Finale_ReviewCompanies_DownBeat“Finale retains its impressive power while becoming even easier to use.”
Keith Baumann, DownBeat


Customer Testimonials

“I’ve been using Finale since version 3.0. Development has always been very professional and logically creative. Highly recommended.”
Ross C. Hurley

“Finale is and continues to be the standard for professionals in the industry. I’ve seen the other offerings. They can’t offer the crispness and clarity that Finale is able to do in the hands of an experienced engraver. In my business looks are everything and Finale just looks better.”
DB Long – Music Engraver/ Copyist

“I have used Finale to transcribe Sonatas originally published in 1750 in England and France for a scholarly dissertation. I was able to design and use Libraries of figured bass characters, as well as other symbols used in that period. I frequently transcribe pieces for use by the choir in church to fit the musicians available for the performances. Finale is not only easy to use, but I am confident that it is professional grade printing.”

“I am a composer and professional engraver for my colleagues. Finale makes my jobs look great and with a little bit of setup time in FinaleScript, the engraving becomes so very easy. As a composer Finale helps me structure and rearrange my ideas. I work about half of the time at the computer, and the rest at a piano. With the ease of the Selection Tool I can move around and change the music as soon as it changes in my head.”

“After trying a number of different music writing programs, I found Finale to be the fastest, easiest, and most effecient for the music composition and arranging that I do.”
House of Praise

“I have used Finale since it’s inception. A young musician introduced it to me as he thought it was some kind of sequencing program. Since I was an Arranger/Producer I became interested in the concept of archiving and extracting parts. Since I arranged for various artist quite a few years before Finale was introduced. I was more interested in archiving my hand written scores before the manuscripts faded away as well as my memory of them. I had no interest in scanning. When I traveled for a recording… Read more”
Tom Tom 84/ Tom Tom MMLXXXIV

“I use finale to make barbershop arrangements and do some of my own compositions. I don’t think I use more than 10% of finale’s power but I am always learning and trying to get the percent higher. When I call the help line, I get my questions answered.”

“I am pleased to announce that this Baby Boomer is mastering Finale. I use it to write out missing parts, to create assignments, both written and on SmartMusic. Occasionally I have a bright middle schooler who is thrilled to see his or her composition printed and looking like a professionally published piece and can also hear what it sounds like.”
Terri Svec

“I use finale to compose and arrange music for my church choir. It has been easy for a beginner to get started with and the output looks great.”

Educator Feedback

“I use Finale for every aspect of instructing my students. Whether it be making exercises, transcribing recordings, arranging and composing pieces for my students or just instructing them how to write a piece themselves, Finale is the only program of choice.”
Bruce Wurst, music educator and president of BAW Enterprises, Phoenix, Arizona

“An elegant and in-depth tool for the notation of complex and demanding scores.”
Robert Beaser, Composer, Professor of Composition, The Juilliard School

“Using Finale to create custom SmartMusic accompaniments has been an invaluable tool in my teaching!”
Lisa Galvin, Director of Bands, Hilliard Heritage Middle School

“Finale continues to make using notation software easier.”
Dr. Michael Jacobson, Professor of Saxophone, Baylor University School of Music