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Finale Site Licenses

Finale is used in the finest music departments worldwide. For academic institutions, Finale Site Licenses provide the most affordable way to purchase and upgrade Finale.

Finale Site License Benefits

  • Save money on both the initial Finale purchase and upgrades
  • Eliminate compatibility issues since everyone has the same version
  • Easily add seats at any time
  • NEW – Finale site licenses now start at 5 seats

Finale Site License Pricing

  • Compare to the standard Academic pricing at $350
  • 5-29 stations for $150 per seat
  • 30+ stations for $135 per seat (Save 10%)
  • Upgrades from older versions of a Finale Site License or Lab Pack are only $70 per seat

Fax your order to us at 720-465-6419, or contact Sales at 303-848-2640 for a price quote.

Already have Finale?

Call Sales at 303-848-2640 to get a price quote for combining your single or lab-pack units into a Site License.

Finale Network Installations

  • Improved support of music labs where multiple users can have their own preferences and templates
  • Once you login to the network to use Finale, you see your documents. The next person to login only sees their documents.
  • Vista and Windows 7 permission issues have been addressed to better support music labs and other site license environments