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Support for the Future

Finale continues to evolve and improve, always with an eye on the future.

64-Bit Support

Benefits of a 64-bit application

Today’s Finale is a 64-bit application. This ensures Finale can maintain compatibility with future operating systems. A 64-bit environment also allows for more productivity for software developers, making it easier for them to improve the user experience more quickly.

Compatibility with 64-bit sound libraries

Many high-end sound libraries are 64-bit only. Today’s 64-bit version of Finale allows you to use 64-bit bit sound libraries, directly within Finale, without any intervening 3rd party software or setup.

In addition, 32-bit applications, like previous versions of Finale, are limited in the amount of samples they can load into memory. At only 2 or 3 gig, this limit is inadequate for today’s larger libraries. Today’s Finale allows you to load much larger libraries and would be limited only by available installed memory.

A Forward-Looking File Format

Sharing Music Made Easy

In the past, newer versions of Finale could open files created by older versions, but not the other way around. While MusicXML offers a good work-around, it’s ideal to share files directly.

Finale 2014 was able to save files in a Finale 2012 format, which was a step in the right direction.

Today’s Finale can also save in the Finale 2012 format, but more importantly it can share files directly with Finale 2014. Because its forward-looking  file format doesn’t have to be updated with each new version, you’re able to more easily share your music with others — today AND tomorrow.