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Sharing Your Music

In addition to printed pages and audio files, Finale helps you create electronic documents that anyone can edit, print, and save. No one offers more ways to collaborate and share your music.

Overview of Sharing Your Music

Finale provides more ways to collaborate and share your music.


With its introduction in 1988, Finale revolutionized the art of putting music on the printed page, placing world-class, engraver-quality printing within everyone’s reach. More than 20 years later, Finale remains the first choice for composers, arrangers, publishers, engravers, educators, and other professionals who demand the very best.

Beyond Printing

Technology has advanced at a breathtaking speed in the last 25+ years – and so has Finale. You can also share your music by:

  • Creating .mp3 or .wav audio files
  • Exporting MIDI, MusicXML, and EPUB files
  • Creating textbooks, worksheets, or quizzes by exporting music as a graphics file into a word processing program
  • Export your music as a PDF file
  • Creating SmartMusic accompaniments
  • Sharing Finale files with anyone who downloads the free Finale NotePad to view, print and play your music
  • Collaborate with others by sharing your Finale files with users of Finale family notation software like Finale PrintMusic, Finale SongWriter and Finale NotePad

Playback Portability

Your Finale files always play back with the instruments you intended, even when you send them to someone who doesn’t have the same sound libraries installed.

Backward and Forward Compatibility

New in Finale  – Backward and Forward Compatibility

Now users of today’s Finale share files – back and forth – with users of the previous version of Finale. This is one of the many benefits of Finale updated file format. This file format also ensures that future Finale versions will all be able to share files with this same format.


Finale can import and export MusicXML 3.0 files – right from the File menu and the Launch Window. Unlike MIDI files, MusicXML allows you to transfer the sounds and graphical elements in your file to other applications including older versions of Finale.

New in Finale  – Expanded MusicXML Support 

With today’s Finale you can share music with users of other software more accurately than ever before.

MusicXML Exchange also recognizes:

  • Accidentals and ties
  • Slurs and other articulations
  • Fretboards
  • Metronome markings
  • Piano pedal lines
  • Composite time signatures
  • Embedded graphics

Finale also supports a compressed file format which makes MusicXML files much smaller and more transportable.

Backward Compatibility

While today’s Finale can share files, back and forth, with Finale 2014 AND can save Finale 2012 files, MusicXML Export allows users of Finale to save music so it can be imported by anyone using selected older versions of Finale for Mac or Windows.

MusicXML Compatibility in Finale

Finale 2012-25 Finale 2006-2011 Finale 2004-2005 Finale 2003 Finale 2000-2002
Finale for
MusicXML 3.0
Import/Export Included
Import/Export Included
Import/Export Included
Import/Export Available Seperately
Finale for
MusicXML 3.0
Import/Export Included
Import/Export Included
Import/Export Available Seperately (OS X)

Want more options?

Dolet 6 for Finale is a free, downloadable plug-in that provides support for the latest version of MusicXML. It is available for all the versions of Finale listed above, offering additional MusicXML functionality to users of earlier versions.

Learn more

Save as Audio

Finale_Save_As_Audio_Small_4Save Finale files as .MP3, .WAV, and .AIFF

Turn your Finale file into an audio CD! Press one button to save your Finale score as an .MP3, .AIFF, or .WAV file to burn onto an audio CD or play on your iPod. Hear all the nuance of your music, including interpretation provided by Finale’s exclusive Human Playback, though your choice of integrated Garritan sounds and other supported VST/AU instruments. (.MP3 format available with SmartMusic Sound Font only.)

Save As EPUB

SongBook MusicView2 CropEPUB Support

Always looking to the future, Finale now includes EPUB support.

A new standard in digital publishing, EPUB offers instant publishing for e-book platforms like iBook for the iPad.


Exporting Graphics

Exporting your Music as a Graphics File

Create textbooks, worksheets or quizzes by exporting your music into a word processing program

Finale allows you to save entire pages or just a section in the following formats:

  • .TIFF
  • .JPEG
  • .PNG
  • .PDF
  • .EPS
  • .PICT (Mac only)

EPS files include TIFF previews for better cross-platform compatibility. This means that EPS files created on Macintosh computers can now be opened and previewed on Windows computers before printing.

Finale can also import graphics into your score.

Playback Portability

Playback Portability

Your files always play back.

Playback from computerSend a Finale file to someone who doesn’t have the same software libraries installed, and all your staves will play back the instruments you intended – even if you’re using a PC and they’re using a Mac.


playback laptopYou’ll also appreciate this flexibility when you move files from your desktop computer (loaded with additional sound libraries) to a more modestly-equipped laptop. Finale uses the libraries you’ve specified (when they’re available) and the best alternative when they’re not.


No matter how you choose to share your music, everyone always gets the best playback possible – automatically.

Finale Family of Products

The Finale Family of Music Notation Products

Music created in Finale can also be shared with the entire family of Finale music notation products, including Finale PrintMusic, Finale SongWriter, and the free Finale NotePad.

Users of Finale NotePad can even create music and make minor edits to your Finale creations, so you can easily collaborate with nearly anyone who owns a computer.

And only Finale can create accompaniments for SmartMusic, the acclaimed music education software.