SmartMusic Finale Garritan MusicXML

Popular Features

Version 25 2014 2012 2011 2010 2009 Pre-2009
64-bit Support  •
New ARIA Player  •
Transposed Note Entry  •
ReWire Support  •
Improved Human Playback  •
Large Time Signatures  •
Contoured Dashed Slurs  •
Expanded MusicXML Import and Export  •
More Garritan Sounds
Backward and Forward Compatibility   •
Enhanced Linked Parts 
Easy Keyless Scores 
Improved Accidentals and Rests
Music Education Resources
Beat-Attached SmartShapes
Percussion Enhancements
Unicode Text Support
Score Manager
Finale Numerics and More Fonts
Staff Layout
Import/Export PDF Files
Improved Lyric Entry and Spacing
Finale Percussion & Mallets Fonts
Instant Capo Chords
More Import Graphics formats
Easy Chord Entry
Automatic Rehearsal Marks
Export your music as a graphics file
External Sound Library Support
Faster SmartMusic file creation
Multiple Page Editing
Tapspace Virtual Drumline Sounds
Expanded Human Playback Support
Record/Import Audio
Cut/Copy/Paste Improvements
Linked Parts
Powerful Mixer
Save as Audio file
Drum Groove
Improved Guitar Tab
Exercise Wizard