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Hearing Your Music

Finale includes world-class instrument libraries, support for external sound libraries, and several innovative tools to make sure your music sounds as good as it looks.

Overview of Hearing Your Music

New in Finale

Based on your requests, we’ve added dozens of instruments from several world-renowned Garritan® libraries, including the exciting new Garritan Personal Orchestra 5.

Integrated Sound Libraries included in Finale

  • More than 500 world-class Garritan Sounds
  • More than 100 sounds from the acclaimed Tapspace Virtual Drumline™
  • Latin Percussion instruments and rhythms
  • Marching percussion from Row-Loff
  • A general MIDI set with minimal system requirements (compatible with nearly any computer) which offers consistent playback when your Finale files are heard in SmartMusic®, Finale NotePad®, and other MakeMusic products

Listen to an excerpt showcasing Garritan Personal Orchestra®:

      Capriccio Espagnole - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov


All of Finale’s sound libraries work together seamlessly so that you can mix and match sounds in your score.

Adding Audio

Only Finale lets you record or import an audio file for even more realism. This feature is also really handy when transcribing recordings!

Playback Portability

Your Finale files always play back with the instruments you intended, even when you send them to someone who doesn’t have the same sound libraries installed.

Aria Player

The Garritan Aria Player is included FREE and is fully integrated into Finale to simplify the process of changing MIDI channel assignments.

External Sound Library Support

Finale supports all third-party VST/AU Instruments and Effects, providing users with unlimited sonic possibilities.

Fine-tuning your Playback

But that’s not all. Finale also offers more features to fine-tune your music including:

  • The ability to edit MIDI files
  • TempoTap® to control tempo nuances
  • A mixer with integrated sequencer controls
  • Human Playback®, which makes even notes entered with a mouse play back with the nuance of live performers
Garritan® Sounds

Hear Your Music Come Alive with Garritan Instruments for Finale

Finale includes more than 500 world-class instrument sounds from the makers of Garritan Personal Orchestra®. Free sounds include orchestral instruments, jazz brass, saxophones, piano, choirs, drum set, guitar, organ, handbells, marching percussion, a variety of electric guitars, world instruments and more.

Garritan Instruments Crop 500

New in Finale

The library of premium Garritan sounds included with Finale has been significantly augmented with more than 100 new additions, including a stunning Concert D grand piano from the award-winning Personal Orchestra 5, dozens of exotic world instruments, plus new keyboards, brass, woodwinds, choirs, strings, mixtures, percussion, and more.

View a list of all included Garritan sounds.

Listen to these orchestral excerpts showcasing the Garritan Instrument sounds included in Finale:



Garritan provides different players to fill the section realistically.


Garritan sounds can be used with the Tapspace Virtual Drumline, Latin Percussion, and Row-Loff Marching Percussion sounds included in Finale and combined with other external sound libraries. Exciting libraries of additional VST/AU instruments are also available for purchase from Garritan and Tapspace.

Tapspace Virtual Drumline™

Virtual Drumline LogoFinale includes more than 100 sounds from Tapspace Virtual Drumline, the world’s most powerful marching and concert percussion software instrument, featuring the world-champion Santa Clara Vanguard percussion section.

      Listen to Tapspace Virtual Drumline Sounds - MakeMusic, Inc.

In addition to lite versions of the drum line instruments, a variety of pitched percussion is included, as well as combination instruments for General MIDI and Finale’s marching percussion mapping.

Interested in using the complete set of Virtual Drumline sounds with Finale?
Buy Virtual Drumline 2.5

Want to display percussion icons in your score?

Finale also includes Finale Percussion and Finale Mallets Fonts.

Row-Loff Marching Percussion

Row-Loff logo

Nothing extra to buy! Nothing extra to install! Finale includes marching percussion instruments from Row-Loff Productions – foremost in marching and concert percussion literature. Sounds include: Bass Drums, Crash Cymbals, Snare Drum and Tenor Drums.

Listen to these MP3 samples:

      Beatlicious from Quad Logic - Bill Bachman

      Geek from Quad Logic - Bill Bachman

      Swing Time from Just Desserts - Edward Freytag

      Hip Hop Shebop from Dr. John’s Road Grooves - John Wooten

      Four Under the Floor from Bass Logic - Bill Bachman

Row-Loff Sounds Include:

Bass Drums: Five Drums plus Rims, Unison and Buzz Roll.

Crash Cymbals: Crash Choke, Hi Hat Choke, Open and Closed Hi Hat, Crash Cymbals, Cymbal Smash Ride Cymbal, Ride Cymbal Bell and Crash Cymbal with Stick.

Snare Drum: LH, LH Rim Shot, RH, RH Rim Shot, Gok (both hands, rim shot), Short Guz, Long Guz, LH Rim, RH Rim, Cross Shot, Stick Shot, Stick Click, and Buzz Roll.

Tenor Drums: Four Tenor Drums each with Rim Shot and Buzz Roll, plus Spock Drum, Spock Drum Rim Shot, Stick Click, High Rims and Low Rims.

Want to display percussion icons in your score?

Finale also includes Finale Percussion and Finale Mallets Fonts.

Human Playback®

Your music deserves to be heard with all the feeling, phrasing, and nuance you felt when you wrote it. Finale’s exclusive Human Playback plays your music as you would want it to be performed, even if you enter your notes with a mouse.

Listen to the difference:



New in Finale  — Improved Human PlaybackThe feature that makes your music sound like humans are performing it now responds instantly when you press play.

Your music sounds better with Human Playback

Beyond adding feeling and natural nuances automatically, Human Playback also interprets any kind of musical elements right from the notation, including: crescendo/diminuendo and sforzandi, accelerando/rallentando, fermatas, trills, tremolos, baroque and jazz ornaments, guitar bends, slurs, rolled chords, glissandi, piano pedaling, harmonics, pizzicato, mute, and others.

Perfect the performance with customizable instrument techniques, transportable preferences, and expanded support for a wide variety of Garritan and other sounds.

  • With dozens of playback techniques to choose from, Human Playback makes the most of Garritan® and other popular instrument libraries //
  • Compatible with the Aria Player and third-party VST/AU Instruments and Effects
  • Edit and save your preferences for Human Playback. Create and merge multiple sets of custom preferences and attach custom preferences to your Finale files
  • Expanded interface gives you complete control over playback effects, allowing smooth and in-depth compatibility with a wide variety of sound libraries

  • Combine, retain, or overwrite existing MIDI data
  • Edit the output of Human Playback with Finale’s MIDI tool
  • Apply different Human Playback styles to specific regions of your piece
  • Jazz-specific techniques create the unique sound of live musicians
  • Custom settings let you specify reverb room types, marching band options, and more
  • Techniques for strings, woodwinds, brass, harp, timpani, and other instruments dramatically improve playback
Percussion Playback

Simplified Percussion Playback Setup 

Now you can configure how your percussion staves look and play back – all in one place – speeding up the process of using a new percussion sound library.

Additional enhancements allow you to see only note types that have been defined for playback on the current staff, simplifying their selection, and ensuring that you get creating sooner.

External Sound Library Support

The entire world of VST/AU instruments and effects are now at your disposal for the most powerful sounding Finale ever. From the integrated Ambiance Reverb, to the plug-ins that come with current Macintosh operating systems, to the untold numbers of free and commercially available options, we’ve opened the floodgates for ultimate sonic shaping within Finale.

  • Third-party VST/AU instruments and effects can also be combined with the sound libraries included with Finale
  • Apply effects to individual instrument libraries as well as add up to three mastering level effects on your entire mix
  • Finale offers an expanded dynamic range, and greater control over VST/AU playback volume, letting you control relative volume of various sound libraries as well as overall volume of your mix
  • Finale checks plug-ins for compatibility before loading, and tracks which plug-ins were previously checked for better performance
Aria Player

The Garritan Aria Player is included FREE and is fully integrated into Finale. All of your Finale sound libraries work together seamlessly in the Aria player so that you can mix and match sounds in your score and easily change MIDI channel assignments. Plus you can add other external sound libraries (VST/AU Instruments and Effects).

New in Finale: An all new Aria Player greatly simplifies and expedites the selection of instruments from the ever-growing library of stellar Garritan sounds and offers expanded control of the brilliant-sound convolution reverbs.

Also included:

  • Integrated Ambiance reverb
  • Save Ensembles so that you can quickly load multiple sounds – even when configuring the player manually